Call for Innovations: Sign On For Literacy Global Prize 2018

Innovations should increase language and reading skills, be cost effective for developing country contexts, and have the potential for scale. ACR GCD recognizes that in some settings there is no documented sign language, and to create such resources, language documentation is necessary. As such, solutions that use technology for this crucial first step of documentation then linking sign language to literacy resources will also be considered for awards.


Following review, those selected to advance will be awarded seed funding to develop and pilot their innovation.

Phase 1: Written Proposal and Project Plan

  • The first phase requires a written description in English of the proposed innovation and project plan explaining the methods, resources, potential technology platform(s), personnel, existing partnerships (if any), evidence of collaboration with the local Deaf Community in product design and implementation, and preliminary schedule to implement the proposed innovation.
  • There is a pool of $125,000 USD to reward up to the five most promising innovations with $25,000 USD each.