Call for Innovations: Sign On For Literacy Global Prize 2018


  • Entries are invited from interested innovators worldwide

Solution Requirements

  • The innovation must provide a novel, yet robust approach for the creation of sign language resources as a path to literacy. To facilitate early sign language acquisition, the innovation must allow for the development of learning resources, while promoting access to these newly-developed resources.
  • The innovation must be usable by children who are Deaf, their family members, educators and/or other community members who engage with children in learning. A clear plan for engaging families, teachers, the Deaf Community, and hearing community should be demonstrated. Strategies for engaging the medical community, in collaboration with the local Deaf Community, to ensure providers are both aware of and trained to educate parents on sign language resources are encouraged.
  • The innovation must be gender inclusive and responsive to the gender-differentiated needs of beneficiaries.
  • The innovation must be a technology-based innovation. This includes a broad range of information and communication technologies and video media. These can include: hardware, software, Internet and mobile applications among other platforms.
  • Innovations must:
    • Be low-cost and affordable for uptake
    • Function fully in low resource settings, specifically addressing:
      • Limited or intermittent electricity
      • Limited or intermittent internet access
      • Limited personnel for software/hardware support
  • Solvers must:
    • Be able to work with ACR GCD partners and other collaborative organizations (e.g. the national member, or Ordinary Member of WFD, if available) for prototype development in Phase 2 and implementation of the innovation in Phase 3
    • Provide a clear plan for sign language documentation that captures various sign language dialects or sign language-enabled learning resource creation and sustainability