Call for Innovations: Sign On For Literacy Global Prize 2018

Phase 2: Prototype Development of the Innovation

  • Phase 1 awardees will be given approximately three months to adapt their innovations for demonstration to the ACR GCD partners.
  • The demonstration will be conducted virtually through a video web conference. If this is not possible or sufficient, alternative avenues will be considered. The demonstration must show how the innovation will address potential technology challenges when used in a low-resource context.
  • Up to the top three prototypes will each receive an award of no less than $75,000 USD and will be advanced to Phase 3.

Phase 3: Prototype Refinement and Field Test Demonstration of the Innovation

  • The anticipated duration of Phase 3 is three months. Finalists will refine their winning Phase 2 prototype and field test their innovations in a low-resource setting. ACR GCD partners are committed to researching the impact upon language and literacy outcomes, thus studies will be conducted during the piloting of the prototype and followed more extensively upon the anticipated roll-out of the innovation.
  • The highest scoring innovation in this phase will be awarded no less than $75,000 USD and up to a maximum of $150,000 USD, unless no submission meets all of the criteria.