The University at Albany’s 16th annual EGSO conference 2018

transverse waves travel according to a direction of displacement perpendicular to their direction of proposition, and so following their leads may coordinate ostensibly oppositional planes of space. At a fundamental, geometric level, a transverse always crosses a border with the aim of crossing another, while it often does so to bridge parallels. With these possible, though by no means exhaustive, connotations in mind, we invite explorations of space bound by the thought of connecting multiple spaces, along with yet more spatial terms to broaden the linguistic sphere. Space, as it both suspends and separates entities, makes connection both conceivable and desirable, while even the reverse may hold true. The terms condition each other. If we are to intervene in the construction of connections, we are well-advised to take on this task in terms of space, or even transversing. Avenues of inquiry might include: