The University at Albany’s 16th annual EGSO conference 2018

The University at Albany’s 16th annual EGSO conference, or what might more accurately be called a transference, invites critical and creative pieces that explore innovative ways of defining, cross-examining, and connecting any and all spaces, particularly those spaces conventionally opposed and marginalized. We offer “transversing,” a term of our own making, to help prompt and energize new encounters with/in space. Given the intimate connection between space and language, we believe that the act of opening space to connection begins with expanding the terminology available for representing space. Transversing may also reflect this opening. By turning adjective to verb, transversing performs a crossing of conventional boundaries, even those foundational to the representation of phenomena. By animating a transverse path, transversing can equally conjure the motion of light, that most seasoned and unconquerable of space travelers. Correspondingly, the term inspects the very grounds for space, since light, by pushing out shadows, can open our eyes to the possibility of inhabiting a given space. More technically,