2018 Crossing the Boundaries Graduate Student Conference

Binghamton University’s Art History Graduate Student Union seeks Dreamreaders (as in Haruki Murakami’s dystopian novel Hard-boiled Wonderland and the End of the World) and others, from multiple disciplinary backgrounds, for the 26th annual Crossing the Boundaries conference, which will engage the concept of [pl.]: Exploring the Multiple. The recent return to issues of the real and unreal, stimulated by disourses around art objects, techno-culture, and systems theory, prompts continued searching for multiple, unstable, even incoherent statuses and possibilities, and their relocation within an ocean of networks. The making of such alternative constellations is the aim of this gathering.

Today, when dreamlands seem to be so far out of reach, we wish to invite scholars and researchers from different fields to join this exploration of the multiple: to cross discursive boundaries, to add an “-s” to every term we engage, and to once more hold close our seemlingly remote dreams.

The 2018 Interdisciplinary Graduate Student Conference Crossing the Boundaries XXVI invites proposals for academic papers/creative practices from MA and PhD students, independent scholars, and artists.

Please see the url provided for a list of potential topics.

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