Diversity and Inclusion Youth Conference 2018 in Malaysia

Global Movement of Moderates is pleased to invite you to join at the 2018 Diversity and Youth Inclusion Conference (DIYC) and to be a part of this movement!

The Diversity and Inclusion Youth Conference (DIYC) is a global educational youth movement that was inaugurated by DYMM Permaisuri Raja Zarith Sofia in 2012. DIYC seeks to gather the youth together to understand how the values and practice of moderation, among themselves, can have a significant contribution towards peaceful co-existence in a multi-ethnic and multi-religious environment. By bringing together youth from various countries, this conference seeks to dissect and analyze the varied, multifaceted and evolving meanings of what it takes to create and maintain the peaceful coexistence between communities in their respective countries.

Since its inception, the movement has spread throughout Malaysia and successfully placed thousands of trained DIYC Ambassadors in countries across the region. DIYC 2018 will be held from March 6 to March 11, 2018, in Iskandar Johor, Malaysia, the birthplace of the movement.