The Netherlands Education Group – Professional English Speaking and Writing Workshop 2018

In today’s globalized world, a good knowledge of English is becoming increasingly necessary. In particular, many companies now require a good level of English for you to work for them. Often a lack of English proficiency can be a hurdle which stops many people developing in their careers. At the same time, it’s often difficult to find the right course in a short period of time which offers a genuine improvement in your professional communication skills. This course is designed for busy people who have less than a week to improve their English proficiency.

This is no regular English language course! It’s an intensive workshop which aims at significantly improving your communicational skills. Communication is often the hardest part of any language and speaking and writing are perhaps the hardest parts of English. It is a core part of the educational philosophy that each student requires individual attention in order to improve. Moreover, different students make different mistakes at different times and therefore need to be catered to as individuals. This workshop is aimed at small groups where each member can receive personal attention from a tutor and will be given personalized feedback and recommendations to improve their own English, not for the group as a whole. This workshop is designed to target key shortcomings in the student’s English skills and to then help them improve on it.

Having great communication skills in English is perfect to leave a good impression on colleagues and partners. Candidates with better English certainly stand out against those who have worse English at a job interview. Professional English communication skills are vital to improving career perspectives.