The Netherlands Education Group – Professional English Speaking and Writing Workshop 2018

The workshop will allow you to find out any problems with your English skills and will help you improve your professional communication in English. Your speaking and writing will become better and more professional and by the end of it, you will feel much more confident in your ability. You will begin to understand the smaller details and maybe..just MAYBE you’ll begin to understand British humor.

If you can’t get your dream job in your dream country because your English isn’t good enough, then join our course today and get the green light to your future career in an international organization.



  • During the sessions, among other topics, the following topics will be discussed:
  • Grammar – a tutor will introduce some grammar rules which are often neglected and cause common mistakes.
  • Common mistakes – a tutor will talk about some common mistakes in communication in English which are often made by non-English speakers and provide the recommendations on how to avoid them.
  • Professional Communication – a tutor will introduce the rules for professional communication – oral and written. The tutor will take participants how to build speech in a professional environment.
  • Argumentation – participants will be given some examples on how to build the arguments in order to have your voice heard in a professional discussion.
  • Team work in English – team work is very important in international organizations. The lack of team work skills in English might lead to complications at work. The participants will learn how to develop their skills of team work in English within a company.
  • CV, motivation letter – the participants will learn how to write CV and motivation letter using professional English.
  • Job interview – a tutor will share with participants how to go through job interviews in English.
  • Writing emails – writing an email is one of the key activities in nearly any job! The participants will learn how to write professional emails and what to avoid preparing letters.
  • Professional language – a tutor will talk about professional English language, give examples of some useful phrases and expressions, talk about styles in English.
  • Individual feedbacks – during the program a tutor will pay attention personally to each participant. She will try to notice where the skills of each participant could be improved and give relevant feedback. Each participant will receive individual recommendations on how his/her English could be improved. A tutor will identify the personal mistakes (if any) of a participant and will provide a private feedback to a person giving the recommendations aimed on those particular mistakes (if any).
  • In the beginning of the course a tutor will ask participants what are the topics they would like to focus on, what are the field where they have difficulties, what are the issues they would like to address. The tutor will slightly adjust the programs trying to address the questions raised by participants. Some of the questions will be addressed during the sessions – the ones that might be interesting for other participants as well. Some others – who are very individual – can be addressed individually.
  • We try to make sure that the program will be relevant to the learning needs of each participant and each participant will gain something in order to improve own communicational skills in English.
  • The workshop will be conducted by a native speaker of English language.
  • The workshop will be conducted for a small group of students to make sure everyone will be involved in the process of learning. During the course a tutor will dedicate an individual attention to each student. Each student will receive an individual feedback and recommendations on how to improve English.