Fully Funded Exchange Program in Japan

The Japan Foundation conducts programs in the three major areas of Arts and Cultural Exchange, Japanese-Language Education Overseas, Japanese Studies and Intellectual Exchange, as well as Strengthening Cultural Exchange in Asia. There are applicable programs in each of these areas, and support is provided for activities conducted by individuals and organizations that are involved in international exchange.

Please read the General Instructions thoroughly, and then go to the Program List, organized by categories and objectives, for general information of each program.

(1) Where to submit the application forms

After completing the necessary sections in the application forms, please submit them together with any attachments, to the following offices.

Please refer to this page to find out where to submit applications for the Performing Arts Japan program.

(2)Points to note in submitting an application

  • (a)If you are applying for a program from overseas, please check with the specified submission office via telephone or e-mail on where to submit your application and your eligibility for the program before submitting your application.
  • (b)If you wish to receive a notification of receipt of your application, please enclose a reply card (with stamps affixed) that is blank on one side. Please write the reply-to address on the card beforehand. A notification of receipt will be sent to you using this card.
  • (c)We do not accept applications via e-mail or fax.

(3)Other points to note

  • (a)Exchange projects with Taiwan
    The Japan Foundation cooperates with Japan-Taiwan Exchange AssociationExternal link, on exchange projects with Taiwan. The Japan Foundation will not provide support to a project if it is eligible for programs of Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association, Japan. For further information about Taiwan projects, please read the application instructions for the respective program, and contact the section in charge at the Japan Foundation domestic offices or Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association, Taipei officeExternal link where necessary.


(1)Selection policy

Screening is carried out from the following perspectives across the board for all programs.

  • Need for the Japan Foundation to provide support/implementation to the project
  • Feasibility and effectiveness of the project
  • Validity of the proposed budget

For other selection policies that are applicable to each individual program, please refer to the respective program instructions.

(2) Projects related to commemorative events of the Exchange year

Applications related to the commemorative events of the Exchange year and Japonismes 2018 will be given higher priority in the screening process. Applicants should specify the relevance of their projects to commemorative events (if any) in the application form.
Eligible commemorative events of the Exchange year and Japonismes 2018 are scheduled to be listed on the Japan Foundation website.

*Please refer to the Program List for examples of projects which have been accepted in recent years.


Please check the following items before applying for an applicable program.

  • (1)The project is not for the advancement of specific political or religious views.
  • (2)(In the case of an organization) One or more of the following, (a) to (c), are not eligible to your organization.
  • (a)Japanese government (including national institutions), local public organizations (including public universities, public junior high schools, public high schools, and other public institutions), government-affiliated organizations, incorporated administrative agencies,
    local incorporated administrative agencies, national university corporations (including public junior high schools and public high schools)
  • (b)Governments of other countries (including administrative agencies such as ministries and agencies, but excluding research and educational institutions), foreign diplomatic missions in Japan
  • (c)International organizations (intergovernmental organizations that the Japanese government contributes to)
  • (3)(In the case of a Japanese organization or individual) The applicant does not fall under the definition of “Anti-Social Forces” (groups or individuals that pursue economic benefit by making full use of violence, force and/or fraudulent means), which is specified in Article 2(2)1 of the Japan Foundation’s Regulations with Regard to Dealing with Anti-Social Forces (2015 Regulation No. 52).
  • (4)(In the case of an overseas organization) The organization has a bank account for receiving grants, or is able to set up a bank account before the grant payment period.
  • (5)The receipt of a grant or other form of subsidies from the Japan Foundation is not in violation of any laws or regulations in the applicant’s country.

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