15 Best Online Tools Recommended For Academic Research

Technologies are in education trends today, and dozens of tools and resources have been designed to help students deal with study. As far as academic research is the integral part of every education process, many useful tools are developed to cover this niche in particular.

Let’s take a look at the best ones.


    • Google Search Education – this tool will help you search: it offers trainings and videos to teach everything about academic research, and you’ll find a daily puzzle designed to develop your complex research skills here. This tool is designed for teachers, but it does not make it less useful and informative for everyone concerned to academic research and writing.
    • InstaGrok – this is an interactive tool that collects content (educational one) and displays it in a cloud of related words. Thanks to its innovative features, your learning will become more effective: integrated journals, note-taking, access to key facts, research reports writing, interactive visual interface – they all can be customized and shared.
    • Mentor Mob — make your learning easier with this bright and useful resource that features the best guides and skills on the Web and lets you track your progress or discover people who share the same interests and academic goals. You can use this tool to search for info and guides you need, or you can sign up to become a part of their community and track your learning progress.