• Scrivener — this tool can be deservedly called a powerful content generator, as it helps you compose and structure documents. You can control its editing and formatting, view components of your draft, import your files as PDF files or images.
  • Dropbox – you’ve definitely heard of this tool many times already; and if you do not use it for your academic and writing, it’s high time to do this! This free service lets you bring documents, images, videos and other types of content anywhere; moreover, you can share them. This tool is definitely worth your attention if you work with data.
  • Scrible – this set of tools was designed for your highlighting and bookmarking web pages. Available for all browsers, Scrible makes it easier to annotate and bookmark pages: it saves your annotations and lets you format your bibliographies. It’s perfect for your academic research.
  • refDot – this is an extension for Google Chrome that formats your references for use in bibliographies. How does it work? You simply click the refDot icon to enter the information you need: the pop-up box lets you enter the url, title, year, and date of access.

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