International Competition Network (ICN/World Bank Group 2017/2018 Competition Advocacy Contest

Applications for the ICN/World Bank Group 2017 – 2018 Competition Advocacy Contest program are now being accepted

The International Competition Network (ICN) and the World Bank Group are pleased to announce the launch of the 2017 – 2018 Competition Advocacy Contest. This contest aims to highlight the key role competition agencies play in promoting competition by showcasing their advocacy success stories.
Theme 1: Prompting structural reforms in key sectors

Structural reforms enable competitive outcomes in key sectors and tackle obstacles to the fundamental drivers of growth, removing impediments to the efficient allocation of resources and encouraging job creation, investment and productivity

Theme 2. Creating markets for private sector development

Effective competition dynamics enable the rise of contestable new markets, encourage the disruptive entry of new businesses, and foster the development of innovative goods and services.

Theme 3. Reaping the benefits of globalization and trade openness

Well-functioning competitive domestic markets can maximize the benefits of global integration, unlocking opportunities for greater investments and participation in global value chains.