We invite international students and emerging scholars to come together to consider the myriad ways that our contemporary and established traditions of rhetorical theory and criticism inform flows of meaning-making. This year’s theme, “Rhetorical Cultures: Mapping Publics and the Crossroads of Democracy,” encourages broad-based reflection, inquiry, and collaboration, taking stock of the emergent rhetorical practices that shape and undergird the political world today in all of its contingency and heterogeneity.

The IRW is an international that creates space for emerging and early-career rhetorical scholars and critics to participate with one another in an informal setting that facilitates engaging discussion, developing scholarship, and bridging communities. The workshop theme allows for broad interpretation, enabling scholars to pursue pertinent questions related but not limited to the suggested themes below. The central focus on rhetorical studies establishes the common terrain upon which such a cross-pollination of ideas and dialogues can open unique insights into the challenges of democracy in a globalized world.

This year’s will take place at Ghent University in and will be organized by their Department of Educational Studies.This setting offers a fitting place to reflect on historical and contemporary questions pertaining to international currents and cross-cultural intersections of practice and rhetorical cultures; proposals that speak to the conference theme are encouraged but certainly not required. In all, we invite you to participate in the 2nd IRW and look forward to reading the many exciting proposals that we hope this theme will inspire.

More information can be found on: http://www.internationalrhetoric.com/

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