This is the for students who have already returned back to home country after finishing in Japan. Moreover, they are also those who are currently active in education, academic or administration. You are calling to a Japanese university to conduct joint research with relevant academics. The applications are open now!

Nationality: Returnees from with nationalities of and regions

Duration of research: 60-90 consecutive days

Offered of fellowship:

  • Round-trip Air fare,
  • Daily allowance (¥11,000/day),
  • Remuneration for cooperation (up to ¥50,000) for the advisor

Important information:

  • This is only available for those who are not older than 45 years old.
  • The candidates have to return from to their own countries for at least one year.
  • This is a join with relevant academics.

Note: application forms and supporting forms can be downloaded in the official website. In each form, make sure that you read the instruction carefully.

To apply: via email

Application closing date: November 30th, 2017

Click here to go to official website

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