Cyber school on Internet Governance

Deadline:  15 January 2018
Open to: candidates from around the world
Venue: 30 April– 2 May 2018, Washington, D.C., USA


Following the successful experience of SSIG, the South School of Internet Governance organizes together with the OAS, Organization of American States, CYBERSSIG 2018, an interactive conference about Internet Governance focused on cyber security, freedom of expression and privacy in the Internet.

Using the Internet means recognizing and confronting the associated risks: from the protocols on which this enormous network of networks was built and operated, to the hardware devices and the software applications that operate on it, all vulnerable and available so that the attackers may cause damage in many ways.

Cyber security, privacy and freedom of expression are different aspects of the same problem. Who has access to my information? Is it legitimate for my information to be accessed by someone? Did I authorize that access? Is my information safe from non-legitimate access? How can I protect my information? Should the state play a role in that protection? Should the private sector play a role too?

These and many other similar questions are obviously legitimate and do not yet find a definitive and satisfactory answer. This is the reason why CYBE RSSIG 2018 will focus on these issues, encouraging debate and dialogue among stakeholders, which will allow our society understanding the impact of the current situation and assuming a prudent attitude towards the future