Prisma Ukraïna Visiting Fellowship 2018

The Berlin-based Forum Transregionale Studien invites scholars to apply for a 3-months Visiting Fellowship within the framework of Prisma Ukraïna – Research Network Eastern Europe.

Location: Berlin / Closing date: January 28, 2018

CfA [pdf download]

Prisma Ukraïna is a research network of scholars and institutions that is dedicated to strengthening East European Studies in the Berlin-Brandenburg area. Ukraine serves as a focus and prism through which questions of social and cultural transformations in Europe and neighboring regions are studied and discussed beyond the East-West divide. We are especially interested in questions related to social movements, authoritarian politics and popular uprisings, politics of culture, identity and religion, and legacies of empire.

Visiting Fellowship

The Visiting Fellowship is open to scholars from all fields of social sciences and humanities, as well as journalists and civil society activists who want to carry out their research projects in connection with the Prisma Ukraïna program. Applicants should have obtained their doctorate within the last 12 years or have comparable professional experierence. The successful applicant will be a Fellow of Prisma Ukraïna at the Forum Transregionale Studien and an associate member of one of the university or non-university research institutes listed below. He/she will have the opportunity to arrange a workshop on a theme of his/her choice.

As a rule, the fellowship starts on April 1, 2018 and will end on June 30, 2018. The Fellow will receive a monthly stipend of 2.500 € plus a supplement depending on his or her personal situation. Organisational support regarding visa, insurances, housing, etc. will be provided. The Fellow is obliged to work in Berlin and to help shape the seminars and working discussions related to his or her research field. Scholars are also invited to apply with their own funding. The working language of Prisma Ukraïna is English.

Application Procedure

An application should include:

—  a curriculum vitae,

— a project description (no longer than 5 pages), stating what the scholar will work on in Berlin if granted a fellowship and how the project relates to the research agenda of Prisma Ukraïna,

—  a sample of scholarly work (maximum 20 pages from an article, conference paper, or        dissertation chapter),

—  names of two university faculty members who can serve as referees (no letters of              recommendation required).

Please send your application to prisma(at) no later than January 28, 2018 (as three separate WORD documents or PDF files). You will be informed about the result of the application process in February 2018.

Institutional Framework

Prisma Ukraïna – Research Network Eastern Europe has been initiated in 2016 by the Ukrainian historian Dr. Andrii Portnov, Long-term Fellow of the Forum Transregionale Studien. It builds upon the work of the Berlin-Brandenburg Ukraine Initiative that has been founded in 2015.

Prisma Ukraïna connects research institutes dedicated to Eastern European Studies in the Berlin-Brandenburg area. Its Collegium consists of the following persons:

—  Prof. Susanne Frank (Institute for Slavonic Studies, Humboldt University Berlin),

—  Prof. Sebastian Conrad (Friedrich Meinecke Institute, Free University Berlin),

—  Prof. Katharina Bluhm (Institute for East European Studies, Free University

—  Prof. Magdalena Marszałek (Institute for Slavonic Studies, University Potsdam),

—  Prof. Annette Werberger (Chair of East European Literature, European University                          Viadrina),

—  Prof. Gwendolyn Sasse (Center for East European and International Studies, Berlin),

—  Prof. Sylvia von Steinsdorff (Chair of Comparative Political Science and the Political                       Systems of Eastern Europe, Humboldt University Berlin),

—  Dr. Jan Behrends (Institute for Contemporary History, Potsdam),

—  Dr. Milos Reznik (German Historical Institute, Warsaw),

—  Dr. Gabriele Freitag (German Association for East European Studies),

—  Prof. Catherine Goussef (Centre March Bloch, Berlin),

—  Prof. Alexander Wöll (European University Viadrina),

—  Prof. Alfrun Kliems (Institute for West Slavonic Literature and Culture, Humboldt                            University Berlin),

—  Prof. Theocharis Grigoriadis (Institute for East European Studies, Free University Berlin),

—  Prof. Gertrud Pickhan (Institute for East European Studies, Free University Berlin),

—  Dr. Katharina Biegger (Institute for Advanced Studies, Berlin),

—  Dr. Thorsten Wilhelmy (Institute for Advanced Studies, Berlin),

—  Dr. Matthias Schwarz (Center for the Study of Literature and Culture, Humboldt                             University Berlin),

—  Prof. George Witte (Peter Szondi Institute of Comparative Literature, Institute for East                   European Studies, Free University Berlin).

The Berlin-based Forum Transregionale Studien is a research organization that promotes the internationalization of research in the humanities and social sciences. The Forum provides scope for collaboration among researchers with different regional and disciplinary perspectives and appoints researchers from all over the world as Fellows. In cooperation with universities and research institutions in and outside Berlin, it carries out research projects that examine other regions of the world and their relationship to Germany and Europe systematically and with new questions. It supports five research programs and initiatives:

Prisma Ukraïna – Research Network Eastern Europe
Art Histories and Aesthetic Practices
Zukunftsphilologie: Revisiting the Canons of Textual Scholarship
Europe in the Middle East—The Middle East in Europe (EUME).

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