A beautiful and educating piece, as usual. We live in a …

Comment on Dada’s magic wand by Folorunso Fatai Adisa.

A beautiful and educating piece, as usual.
We live in a nation that approve of impunity and glorifies unprecedented sleaze.
Perhaps, the sudden celebrity, bread vendor turned model, Jumoke Orisaguna. Someone who couldn’t render her name, let alone constructing a simple sentence in English language when she was granted an interview received unwavering media attention as well as humongous cash rewards and deals sealed with multinational companies.
A disheartening issue of the thriving entertainment realm/industry in comparison to the dwindling academic excellence in Nigeria. Even on campuses entertainment competitions have high prize tagged than essay competitions and it’s ilk.
I wonder if this era can churn out the likes of JP CLARK’s, SOYINKA’s, AWE’s and so on. Since every youngsters desires to become the next whizkid’s and olamides.
In a situation where criminality is celebrated and robed in royal regalia; what legacies are being left for we the youth? Academic monuments are being named after dead corrupt (anti-patrotic) nationalists.
The only good thing our leaders have not done is to name monuments in honour of our more “illustratious” heroes, like Oyenusi, Babatunde, shina Rambo, Lawrence Anini and lucifer himself.
Thanks for refreshing our minds my amiable and revered teacher.
Nigeria Shall Rise again.

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Much ado about cut-off marks
Reproach cannot diminish the sweetness of honey!

Remember Rwanda!
Wars are no picnics. It is a game of death—you shoot me, I shoot you. The person who wins is the first to shoot accurately.
Besides, anyone who staunchly believes any religious or socio-cultural organization is genuinely after their interest must be a case study in delusion.

Notably, all these organizations are merely out for their own financial, economic and political interests. If people could use their utterances to set this country on fire, those who love it should always counter speak to quench it. And they must know that to put out fire is more difficult than starting it. We have a duty to speak life into every area others speak death.
In the end, violence benefits nobody.
Like you noted above(Remember Rwanda), I’ll second it by saying- See Somalia.

May Almighty Allah reward you abundantly for this timely ‘gbere ipako’ . thank you.

The spectacle of death
May Almighty Allah grant him a good repose.

Be word-wise, communicate peacefully
I’m wowed right now. This is super. Beautiful message adorned with beautiful choice of words.

Allahu Akbar. This is indeed mind-lifting and unarguably a beautiful directive towards overcoming difficult times. May Almighty Allah reward you abundantly for this sir.