Still on Depression – Abdulwarees Solanke

Unfortunately, many have been programmed from childhood to possess your possession, to scheme out others, block or delay them. The prayer point of many is ‘’not my portion’’. I bound the spirit of…. But when what is bound breaks and trial surfaces, they lose strength of faith, virtue of patience and acceptance of qadar. These fundamentally are the reasons many die of depression because they see a successful life as one that smooth and filled good things, the beautiful things, the vain things and waste that they call wealth.

Meanwhile, a life of success is the one that accords with the purpose and plan of God for man, life of ibaadat, devotion to Him in everything one does, not bothered by the tangible returns but the qualitative pleasure that is found only in the soul. Only God can measure that. The beneficiary himself may not know the depth of his wealth. He just feels it in the calmness that envelopes him in the turbulence of the world. So he is never depressed even when he loses his soulmate suffers a loss in business. Also he is not overjoyed to the point of misbehaviour when he hits gold or becomes overly indulgent when he arrives. In many cases, achievement leads loss of peace and inevitably brings depression when something shakes them.