Still on Depression – Abdulwarees Solanke

In this state of mind, he asks himself, what is the essence of life or living? He contemplates suicide. He looks for the fastest, painless means of ending it all: A plunge into the lagoon. Lagos has seem many of this. A noose tethered to the hook of a ceiling fan, like in Emmanuel Eboue’s in London and many others found hanging inside their bedrooms. Slashing of the jugular or the wrist to lose blood irredeemably to hasten death. A downing of deadly concoction and pills to destroy their intern organs so they can smoothly transit to the world beyond. But it is always a remarkably painful end of the journey that leaves their family and friends in shame and depression too.

So, the question is how does the virus attacks? Depression in my view is a disease of motivation, perception and attitude. They are from within the individual. It is a disease defined by the culture and value of life of a society or what defines the relevance and humanity of the individual in the society. Let me identify certain values or conditions and how an individual or societycan define them.

  • Success
  • Failure
  • Trial, Tribulation or loss
  • Power
  • Sin
  • Forgiveness
  • Death