World Youth Alliance Europe Internship Program in Belgium

The World Youth Alliance (WYA) is a global coalition of young people committed to promoting the dignity of the person and building solidarity among youth from developed and developing nations. WYA train young people to work at the regional and international levels to impact policy and culture. Through this lived experience of the dignity of the person, young people are able to affirm life at all levels of society.

The World Youth Alliance Europe Internship Program provides opportunities for young people who are inspired by the ideas and work of WYA to gain professional skills working on WYA’s projects and in advocacy activities in the European institutions. Projects are designed to enhance each student’s specific academic background and interests. Interns receive mentorship and training from WYA staff members.

The WYA Europe is seeking young people and leaders! Ideal candidates possess a strong desire to protect and promote human dignity while making a positive impact on society. Candidates must be proactive, self-driven, resourceful, detail-oriented, and humble individuals with a willingness to learn. If you possess these qualities and are looking to make a difference, apply today for the WYA Europe Internship Program. This program takes place at the WYA Europe office in Brussels, Belgium.

The WYA Europe Internship Program grants qualified members real-world experience in project management, international and European law as well as advocacy together with a good understanding of the philosophy of the human person. WYA projects are related to advocacy, education, or culture. Successful completion of the internship entitles interns to undertake the international internship in WYA’s Headquarters in New York City.

What’s in it for you?

a) Introductory Training

  • Undergo WYA’s Certified Training Program (CTP) and learn about human rights philosophy and the dignity of the person.

b) Project Management

  • Work on projects suited to your interests and strengths under the supervision of WYA staff.

c) Network Building

  • Attend different events and meet new contacts as you represent WYA in various occasions.

d) Costs and Scholarship

  • This is an unpaid internship, however, selected interns may apply for a limited stipend. The approval will be granted on an individual case basis, and is dependent on the applicant’s authentic need. Interns are expected to take care of their living expenses while in Brussels, Belgium.
  • FREE ACCOMMODATION is provided, during your internship. You will be living with your fellow interns
    in a shared flat at Rue de la Loi 42, Brussels.


  • The internship program is open to university students, recent graduates, and young professionals.
  •  You have to be a WYA member to be accepted as an intern. You can become a member by signing the Charter.
  • The Europe Internship Program is open to all World Youth Alliance members in the European region between the ages of 18 to 30.
  • Ideal candidates possess a strong passion for the defense of human dignity.
  • Committed members with strong communication abilities and organizational skills.
  • Interns must also be able to motivate and inspire others and love to bring people together.
  • Interns are required to undergo the Track A Training and are expected to finish it before the end of their internship. Interns need to be knowledgeable about WYA’s history and mission as they may represent WYA in European Union institutions and other organizations.
  • There is a standard application process for the WYA Europe Internship Program.

Eligible Regions: The Europe Internship Program is open to all the eligible candidates in the European region (Either have the EU citizenship or are residing in any EU country)

Application Requirements

1. Completed application form (available upon request by email to or download from
WYA webpage)
2. Resumé or Curriculum Vitae
3. Two letters of recommendation
4. Only if you are a new member: Your signed copy of the WYA Charter

IMPORTANT: Incomplete applications will not be processed.
You will receive a confirmation receipt via email within four weeks of the application deadline. Selected
applicants will be asked to do an interview. Please send your application to

Apply HERE