Call for Papers: British Literature: 20th and 21st Century at CEA 2018

The College English Association, a gathering of scholar-teachers in English studies, welcomes proposals for presentations on British Literature: 20th and 21st Century for our 49th annual conference.

The twentieth and twenty first centuries in British Literature lend themselves to overtures in bridging diverse experiences and themes; genres;  theories of art, performance, communication, philosophy, politics, economics, literature, etc. ; geo-political movements that are identifiably syncretic yet impact nationalisms and post-colonial , gender, and eco-sensitive identities. Proposals would address multiple contexts and prisms through which such an “overture”, or “reaching out”, or “bridging” becomes relevant/ inevitable / problematic / performative etc. in the texts discussed from these two centuries.

Conference Theme

CEA welcomes proposals for presentations on the general conference theme: Bridges. The Sunshine Skyway Bridge crosses Tampa Bay from St. Petersburg, called the Sunshine City in honor of its Guinness Record for most consecutive days of sunshine (768). St. Petersburg is home to historic neighborhoods, distinguished museums, contemporary galleries, and a wide variety of dining, entertainment and shopping venues. St. Petersburg is also home to the College English Association’s 2018 national conference, where we invite you to join us at our annual meeting to explore the many bridges that connect places, texts, communities, words, and ideas.

CEA invites proposals from academics in all areas of literature, language, film, composition, pedagogy, and creative, professional, and technical writing. We are especially interested in presentations that build bridges between and among texts, disciplines, people, cultures, media, languages, and generations.

For your proposal you might consider:

  • Bridges between disciplines, languages, or generations
  • Bridges between races, classes, cultures, regions, genders, or sexualities.
  • Cultural or ideological bridges in literary, scholarly, or theoretical works
  • The bridge as construct, form, metaphor, motif, or icon
  • Connections between text and images or sound
  • Bridges between theory and practice, reading and writing, writer and audience
  • Building bridges between teaching and scholarship; faculty and administrators; professors and students
  • Bridges as physical artifacts and symbols of industry and technology
  • Digital humanities as a bridge between worlds
  • What bridges connect, support, and pass over

General Call for Papers

CEA also welcomes proposals for presentations in any of the areas English departments typically encompass, including literature criticism and scholarship, creative writing, composition, technical communication, linguistics, and film. We also welcome papers on areas that influence our work as academics, including student demographics, student/instructor accountability and assessment, student advising, academic leadership in departments and programs, and the place of the English department in the university.

Submission Deadline: November 1, 2017

Conference Date: April 5-7, 2018

Conference Location: 333 1st St South, Saint Petersburg, Florida

For more information on how to submit, please see the full CFP at

All presenters at the 2018 CEA conference must become members of CEA by January 1, 2018. To join CEA, please go to

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