On Saturday, October 22, 2016, news broke that a PhD graduand of the University of Ilorin died just a few hours to his convocation ceremony. While it was another tragic news to many people in our tragedy-generating country, to me, it was not news, it was a heart-shattering reality. The late Dr Abdul Hafeez Adeniyi Adedimeji was my immediate elder brother.

The late Dr Adedimeji was a good head and a good heart that Nelson Mendela called “a formidable combination”.  He lived a life worthy of emulation, a life devoted to and impacting on others. Born on July 30, 1970 in Iwo, Osun State, he had his primary in St. Anthony Roman Catholic Primary School, Ile Idisin, Iwo, after which he attended St. Mary’s Grammar School, Iwo. During the period, he also completed his intermediate Arabic and Islamic education at our father’s Islamic Youth Centre, Iwo.

After his secondary in 1987, he proceeded immediately to the Arabic Institute of Nigeria, Elekuro, Ibadan, and graduated on top of his class in 1990. He followed up with an Arabic Diploma of the International Islamic Relief Organisation (IIRO) also in Ibadan, while he also worked as a teacher in his alma mater.

Between 1992 and 1994, my brother was a teacher at our Islamic Youth Centre. With his excellent O’ level results in the kitty, he knew he must proceed to the University. So, he sat for the University Matriculation Examinations in 1993 and passed, gaining to study English at Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, in 1994.

The long strike of the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) in 1994 provided him an opportunity to accept the scholarship of Saudi Arabia to study Arabic in the Kingdom. Therefore, between then and 2004, he was in the holy city of Medinah, acquiring the best of Arabic and Islamic Education. He first obtained his Arabic Fluency Diploma in 1995, then followed up with a first degree in Arabic (Second Class Upper Division) in 1999 and later a of Arts Degree in Arabic Rhetoric (First Class) in 2004.

A brother, friend and confidant, we decided he should return home for his PhD in order to blend seamlessly with the Nigerian university system. After his youth service as a teacher at the Federal Government Girls’ College, Bussa, between 2005 and 2006, he taught at Imam Malik College, Ibadan, from 2006 to 2008.

Dr Adedimeji joined the services of Al-Hikmah University, Ilorin, in 2008 and shortly after  became the College Officer of the College of Humanities. He would soon become a doctoral student of the University of Ilorin two years after he arrived Ilorin. In 2012, he joined Fountain University, Osogbo, as a Lecturer in the General Studies Unit. He was also the Grand Imaam of the University.

His entire life had been devoted to intense learning, studying, preaching, teaching, researching, service and  intellection. Three weeks before his death, he performed his last major academic exercise at a conference in Casablanca, Morocco, where he dazzled his global audience with his mastery of Arabic and English as a simultaneous translator.

Prophet Muhammad said is from the cradle to the grave and my beloved brother and teacher lived it to the full. He might have completed his PhD since September last year when he successfully defended his thesis and awarded his PhD earlier in the year, the fact that he would be formally conferred with his degree on the same Saturday he died was kismet. God is unquestionable: we come from Him and we return to Him ultimately.

As Vicki Corona once said, “Life is not measured by the number of breaths that we take but by the moments that take our breath away.” My brother lived an awesome life devoted to acquiring knowledge, promoting peaceful co-existence, advancing scholarship and serving his Creator. Based on his erudition and personality, he was a man in a million and a loss to humanity.

When all is said and done, we appreciate that everyday, death fires its arrows.  Whoever escapes the arrow today will surely be hit another day, one way or another. He lived great. He died great. May the Almighty Allah grant Him Aljannah Firdaws!

Re: Be wordwise: communicate peacefully

Good afternoon, Mahfouz. I have read all you have written about being civil and polite. And I think I have done my best to remain within the realms of the positive attributes that you mentioned. But in a world full of guile and strong arm tactics, people take advantage of you and make you appear helpless and pitiable. But that is even the Victory of the sublime and humble mind. We shall endure much to stay above the pale of and strife. I’m a Christian and all you have said sums the Perfect Profile of Jesus Christ. Dalu Sir. – Obu UDEOZO

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  1. Muhiz Ogunwomoju Moab
    Muhiz Ogunwomoju Moab

    “When all is said and done, we appreciate that everyday, death fires its arrows. Whoever escapes the arrow today will surely be hit another day, one way or another.” It’s indeed difficult to write about the death of a loved one–especially an immediate brother. May Almighty Allah forgive him and grant him Aljannah Firdaws.

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  2. Ibrahim Adedeji
    Ibrahim Adedeji

    إن كان العلم فهو علامة وإن كانت الفصاحة وهو فصيح وإن كان تدريس فله اساليب تدريس. أللهم انظر إلى الأعمال الصالحة التي فعلها الشيخ المرحوم عبد الحفيظ اديدميج أن تنجيه من وحشة القبر وأن تمحو له سيءاته وتجاوز عن أخطائه إنك ولي ذالك والقادر عليه.

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  3. Adejoju Musibau
    Adejoju Musibau

    Having read your piece on Late Dr Abdul Hafiz Adedimeji – A Life of Learning, I discovered that Life is an irony. What an irony of Life! Life is so ironic to fully understand. It takes sadness to know what happiness is. Noise to appreciate silence and absence to value presence. The supreme irony of life is that hardly anyone gets out it alive. May the Almighty Allah grant Dr Abdul Hafiz Adedimeji Aljannah Firdaws. Amin.

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  4. Salimon Musibau

    Dr Abdul Hafiz Adedimeji: A life well spent. A life devoted to God is a life well spent. May Aljannah Firdaous be his abode. Amin

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  5. Basirat Alao Auwa
    Basirat Alao Auwa

    Now I can relate where Imam Abdul Rafi knew Doctor Adedimeji. He had lived in Saudi for more than 15 years before moving to Qatar.
    He talked about the death of his friend and he was butter when he was telling my husband that day.
    May Allah grant him eternal rest.

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  6. Saheed

    هل عرف المسلمون ماذا فقدوا انهم فقدوا العالم ابن العالم، الفصيح السان، المفسر البليغ الواحد الفرد، شخص الذي من ربه دكتور، أسأل الله العظيم ان يدخله الجنة النعيم

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    • Saheed Kataye yanjue

      هل عرف المسلمون ماذا فقدوا انهم فقدوا العالم ابن العالم، الفصيح السان، المفسر البليغ الواحد الفرد، شخص الذي من ربه دكتور، أسأل الله العظيم ان يدخله الجنة النعيم.

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  7. Abdullahi Abubakar Sa'adallah Al-ilory

    SubhanAllah!!! it was make me sad when i heard about this gentle, respectful, scholar death but the things i know is that no one can lives forever every human being must know that as more he/she lives as more he/she shall die!!
    my friend whats it? whats that? whats your worthy? who are you? makes you saying am the most powerful, wealthful, bigful, when you would leave it all one day!! while to let me tell you the kind person you’re, you most dullard sluggard i ever know!
    may Almighty Allah forgive all his sins shortcomings & makes Jannah firdaous his abode place, and accept all his deeds.
    may Allah be with all his families and all the Muslims UMMAH

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  8. Abdallah

    If arrow of death hit human being as per one’s life span, it wouldn’t yet be his time. but angel of death is unquestionable. He throws at anyone as per divine order from The creator. Every death is painful but death of ulamahi(scholar) is more painful. May Allah swt grant ease in his grave and aljanat in the hereafter.

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  9. olayode j oyedola

    May Almighty Allah forgive my mentor my brother also lecture. If am calling my self Alfa to day or electrical engr, is the one that stand by me given me advice to do this and don’t do this I can say where are will be to day. But o Allah my brother death is a great lose in my state in my town also in our aroworeki compound. No matter how maybe. What my mentor need now is forgiveness. O Allah forgive him and Grant him Al-janat fridous.

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