Comment on Abdul Hafeez Adedimeji: A life of learning by Abdulganiy Sahid Olaide Ezra.

Life of learning which indeed full of service to Islam and humanity. May Almighty Allah forgive and have mercy on the soul of our sheikh and may Allah Unite us together with him in Aljanat Firdaus. Aamen. Hummnmm! Allah knows best than us.

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Abduction furore and Ese’s future
Brother Jagun you can’t force U.K on us, this case is pure case of persecution and not prosecution, as a journalist please do your findings on who imprenated thousand of matured but under 18 carrying illegal pregnancy around in the street of bayelsa and southern states including those in pregnancy factories in the south and how many people are in court for putting them in forceful family line, or na ghost dey blow air in their stomach ni buoda jagun???

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