Ahman Pategi VC Prof Adedimeji worries over abuse of communication.

mahfouz adedimeji

The Vice-Chancellor of Ahman Pategi University in Kwara state Conference, Professor Mahfouz Adebola Adedimeji, has emphasized the urgent need to address the abuse of communication in both traditional and new media platforms, with the aim of safeguarding peace and national security in Nigeria.

Professor Adedimeji said this in a keynote address he delivered at the 38th Annual English Scholars’ Association Of Nigeria (ESAN) which took place at the Buba Marwa Main Auditorium, Lagos State University, Ojo Campus.

The conference, titled “Language and Communication Studies for Peace, (In) Security and Development in Nigeria,” began on Monday, 14th September 2023 and ended on Thursday, 17th September 2023

Professor Adedimeji at the occasion commended the conference organizers for selecting a theme that highlights the crucial role of language, literature, and communication in addressing societal needs.

He stressed that these fields, much like peace, security, and development, are integral to human civilization and must adapt to the changing world.

Professor Adedimeji’s recommendations focused on the importance of returning to core values and promoting language education across all states in Nigeria.

He emphasized the need for citizens to become skilled and critical communicators, as proper language usage fosters peace and security.

Additionally, he encouraged the appreciation of literary works to expose individuals to diverse cultural norms and values, which should be respected and defended.

Furthermore, Professor Adedimeji emphasized the significance of giving more attention to both traditional and new media platforms.

He also highlighted the necessity of curbing the abuse of communication, as it poses a threat to peace and national security in Nigeria.

Professor Pius Akhimen, the Head of the Department of English, Lagos State University, in his address expressed his heartfelt appreciation to the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Ibiyemi Olatunji-Bello, mni, NPOM and the keynote speaker, Prof. Mahfouz Adebola Adedimeji, for their valuable contributions to the ongoing 38th Annual English Scholars’ Association Of Nigeria (ESAN) Conference.

During his address at the event, Professor Akhimen acknowledged the significance of the conference’s theme, “Language and Communication Studies for Peace, (In) Security and Development in Nigeria,” in addressing contemporary realities.

He commended the thoughtfulness that underpinned the choice of this year’s theme, as it brings linguistic, literary, and communication studies to the forefront of societal needs.

Expressing his gratitude for the participation of esteemed speakers such as the Vice Chancellor and the keynote speaker, Professor Akhimen encouraged all participants to actively engage with the speakers and make the most of the conference’s insightful discussions and presentations.

The opening ceremony of the conference was attended by prominent speakers, participants, and students, including the Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Prof. Taiwo Moshood Salisu, and the Vice Chancellor of Lagos State University, Prof. Ibiyemi Olatunji-Bello, who was represented by Prof. Olufemi Lawal, the Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences.

The National President of the English Scholars’ Association of Nigeria (ESAN), Professor Tajudeen Y. Surakat, in his address echoed the sentiments of Professor Adedimeji, emphasizing the role of language in shaping human activities and consciousness.

He called for government leadership, cooperation from the governed, and the eradication of divisions based on religion, ethnicity, gender, and age.

In a solemn moment, the conference also paid tribute to the late Professor David Roger Jowitt, a renowned professor at the University of Jos, who passed away during a visit to the United Kingdom.


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