Five Tips to the Top

In this life, everyone desires success; no one wants failure.  We all dream to live a happy and fulfilled life. However, the dream often becomes a nightmare and the reality is that failure  is common, though natural.  So, millions of people pass through life without accomplishing their set goals and objectives or even knowing the purpose they are here to serve.

As unfortunate as this scenario is, it is gratifying that everyone can decide at any point in time to be more methodical in pursuing life goals. As no one makes an omelet without breaking an egg, no one gets to the top with making some effort. And for those who get up there without efforts, they cannot definitely be sustained there by incompetence.    

In this regard, all students and youth desirous of making it to the top should appreciate that there is always a price to pay or sacrifice to make. This price or sacrifice does not consist of anything diabolical or destructive. It only requires a lifestyle, a set of attitudes or a worldview that makes individuals sugar. It is given that wherever sugar is, it naturally attracts ants. There are at least five activities that can lift everyone from the abyss of nothingness to the pinnacle of glory.

One is meditation. The human mind is a powerhouse of tremendous energy which can be accessed through the power of meditation. Meditation engenders thoughtfulness and thoughtfulness heralds ideas and ideas rule the world. If you make it a habit to ignore the cacophony of daily living and the hurly-burly of contemporary lifestyle to devote time to meditation everyday, you will discover inner peace, ideas and options that clear the fog and show the way. As a matter of fact, daily meditation helps you to achieve self-understanding, reduce your pain, lower your stress, connect better, improve focus and minimise brain chatter. 

Two is supplication. Closely following meditation is supplication, the practice of prayer. This life is full of mysteries, mishaps and disappointments, so everyone needs some divine insurance. We are not just physical beings, we are also spiritual beings. Prayers are powerful and through supplication, we earn divine guidance on the right steps to take. Don’t ever be among those who underestimate prayers or supplications because behind the natural is the supernatural and behind the real is the surreal!

Three is action. After meditating and supplicating daily, the next activity is action. Without action, all learning is useless; without action, all education is wasted; without action, all plans are void. Purposeful action gains traction with time and such efforts create results. Without hitting a tree with a machete or firing an arrow at the palm top, you cannot just open your mouth under the palm-tree and expect palm juice to drop! It requires some prior effort as nothing happens for nothing. Students should study, workers should work and everyone should act by doing something meaningful and impactful to achieve success. No pain, no gain.

Four is determination. When action is taken, it isn’t a once-and-for-all process. It is repeated or done habitually. This is where determination comes in with its associated commitment. You should not waver of falter even when you do not succeed at first. Rather, you resolve to continue to push, to work, to strive and to toil till success is achieved. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Also associated with determination are discipline and patience. With discipline, you exercise self-control and self-restraint as you keep your eyes on the ball and avoid distractions. With patience, you appreciate that success is not often achieved immediately. We don’t harvest immediately we plant. Rather, we tender the crops, patiently weed the farm, water the plants and wait for bumper harvest later. Challenges are bound to dog the path of success. With determination, however, you overcome the hurdles and attain your goals.

Five is evaluation, the process of appraising something to determine its value, worth or fitness. As Socrates famously said, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” Those who do not evaluate themselves at each stage are likely to be stagnant and complacent. At each point in the journey of life, you should determine where you are coming from, where you are and where you are going to determine the need to review prayers and actions. A Turkish proverb says, “No matter how far down the wrong road you’ve gone, turn back.” That is why evaluation is important so that you determine that you are on track.

With your meditation, supplication, action, determination and constant evaluation, you work your way to the top or attainment of your goals. If success is not attained, then you refresh the process. The important thing is to just to be sugar. At the right time, ants will come.