Olakunle Ologunro, Ope Adetayo …

Comment on The Michael Elliott Award for Excellence in African Storytelling 2018 by Folorunso Fatai Adisa.

Olakunle Ologunro, Ope Adetayo

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Day of honour for Oloyede

Given the richness and brilliance embedded in his piece titled: ‘DAY OF HONOUR FOR OLOYEDE’, it’s visible that birds of a feather flock’s together.
Intertextually, I consider it a sin to know Mahfouz as much as I do without loving him. Since I took time to study and understudy him.

However, those who do not share my views are forgiven as it is not automatic for everyone, the blind for instance, to see the brightness of the sun. After all, the deaf hears nothing. The good news of his activities might have evaded them.
Mahfouz is simply a galaxy of stars to behold!


Adamu’s masterstroke
Incontestably, Adamu’s masterstroke will choke ineptitude.

This made a good read. Many thanks, Sir.