CFP: Journal of Aggression, Conflict and Peace Research (JACPR) – ‘Honour’ based abuse, violence, and killings

The Journal of Aggression, Conflict and Peace Research (JACPR) invites manuscripts for a special issue on ‘honour’ based abuse, violence and killings. The guest editor for this special issue is Dr. Roxanne Khan (University of Central Lancashire).

This issue welcomes a wide range of contributions from academics and professionals that reflect the JACPR’s interdisciplinary and international focus. This includes research papers that use any methodological approach (quantitative, qualitative, or mix-method) to empirically examine ‘honour’ crimes from psychological and/or social perspectives. This special issue also encourages submission of quality literature reviews, theoretical articles, and commentaries. 

Studies that investigate ‘honour’ based abuse, violence and killings continue to be important, influential and topical, and so it unsurprising that innovative research in these areas are continually emerging. This work highlights promising new areas for inquiry relevant to individuals and communities effected by ‘honour’ crimes, as well as those who work in a professional capacity to safeguard them. This special issue therefore represents an excellent opportunity for key and upcoming researchers and practitioners, from a wide range of disciplines (criminal justice, psychology, sociology, education, political science, public health, and social work), to disseminate their work collectively to a wide and attentive readership.

Contributions may focus on, but are certainly not limited to, areas such as:

  • ‘Honour’ crimes from the perspective of female or male perpetrators
  • Victimization (including experiences of men and LGBTQ populations)
  • Factors underpinning the endorsement of ‘honour’ based crimes
  • Analysis of official (e.g. police) data
  • Evidence of successful interventions for vulnerable populations that improve outcomes for victims
  • Educational and community initiatives to identify or combat ‘honour’ crimes

In addressing these topics, the guest editor will be open to research from a variety of theoretical perspectives, empirical approaches, and geographical locations.

Submission Procedure:

Submissions to this journal are through the ScholarOne submission system here:

Please visit the author guidelines for the journal at which gives full details. Please ensure you select this special issue from the relevant drop down menu on page four of the submission process.

Submission Deadline: 28th September 2017