Call for Article Submissions: IJCS Vol. 18, Issue 1, “Transition/Transgress.”

The Iowa Journal of Cultural Studies, a peer-reviewed academic journal edited by graduate students at the University of Iowa and dedicated to publishing cultural studies scholarship from both established and emerging scholars, is currently soliciting submissions for an upcoming special issue: Transition/Transgress. Inspired by this year’s Craft, Critique, Culture Conference at the University of Iowa, this special issue of IJCS looks at the stigmas, honors and consequences associated with transitions and transgressions.

To transition means to “change from one form, state, style, or place to another.” Transitions carry connotations of alteration to or movement between different states or categories both literally and metaphorically. Transgressions, on the other hand, often imply violation, exceeding limits, crossing boundaries, or the capacity to disturb or subvert. Together transitions and transgressions reveal the fissures, sutures, and eruptions of the in-between as well as the possibilities that these disruptions catalyze. Transitions and transgressions can be uncomfortable, coercive, and threatening, but they can also serve as subversive or powerful acts, opening up new conceptual territory for facilitating creativity and knowledge.

We seek submissions that prompt investigation into concepts, practices, and structures that address transitions and transgressions. They may examine transitional/transgressive acts that both connect and sever disciplines, departments, institutions, cultures, identities, systems and conceptual categories. This special issue of the Iowa Journal of Cultural Studies encourages diverse explorations of these issues. Possible lenses include, but are not limited to, cultural studies, film and literary studies, political theory, law and legal theory, studies of colonialism and nationalism, post-humanism, religious studies, economics, visual arts, communication and media studies, theater and performance, and popular culture. We invite submissions from critical and ethnographic scholars across all disciplines.


Essays no longer than 9,000 words (including footnotes and bibliography), MLA format. Please keep discursive endnotes to a minimum. We will not read submissions that significantly deviate from these guidelines.

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Submission Deadline: September 1, 2017 

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