Daily Grammar – Week 7

DAILY GRAMMAR (DG) 13-04-2018

1. She is married with a medical doctor. (No)

She is married to a medical doctor. (Yes)

(The right preposition is “to”, not “with”.)

2a. He is now independent from his parents. (No)

He is now independent of his parents. (Yes)

2b. His parents are now dependent of him. (No)

His parents are now dependent on him. (Yes)

(Take note that someone or something is “independent of”, not “from” and that one is “dependent on”, not “of”….)

3. The girl is now twenty years. (No)

The girl is now twenty years old. (Yes)

The girl is now twenty. (Yes)

(A person cannot be “twenty years” because twenty years is a period of time and it is different from a human being. However, that someone is twenty means the person is “twenty years old”.)

Did You Know?

“Paraphernalia” originally meant the entire part of a woman’s possessions that did not automatically become her husband’s property after marriage; and to “cample” is to angrily answer back at someone who has just reprimanded you.

What are the paraphernalia of your status/office?