Daily Grammar – Week 7

DAILY GRAMMAR (DG) 12-04-2018

1. This room requires more lightening. (No)

This room requires more lightning. (No)

This room requires more lighting. (Yes)

(“Lighting” is the system or arrangement of lights in a home, a theatre, a studio, etc. “Lightening” means becoming lighter in weight or paler in colour. “Lightning” is the visual presentation of the electric discharge between clouds or between clouds and objects during a thunderstorm. Notice the spellings.)

2. I would have ran faster if I knew she would catch me up. (No)

I would have run faster if I knew she would catch me up. (Yes)

(The past participle of “run” is “run”, not “ran”, which is the past tense.)

3. He didn’t greet the woman purposively. (No)

He didn’t greet the woman purposely. (Yes)

(“Purposely” refers to something done deliberately. “Purposefully” relates to the action or demeanour of a person who is determined or resolute to do something. For example, “the anti-corruption agencies are doing their their work purposefully.” “Purposively”, on the other hand, concerns having or tending to fulfil a conscious purpose or design. For example, “the questions were purposively set to test students’ comprehension skills.”)

Did You Know?

“Bookkeeper” is the only word in English with three consecutive double letters.

Can you give examples of words with two consecutive double letters? Try it!