Having realized that the archetypal artist has complex personality, the conscious artist must learn to manage himself, while those around him, whether parents, siblings, friends and associates, peers and spouses,  must fully understand him and assist him.  Therefore, to dwell in the artist’s heart, you must live in his world, share his sentiments and emotions, and understand his tastes values; and virtues.

First, we must be his chaperon, critic counselor and mentor, able to rationalize his eccentricities, and excuse his frailties and failures, explain his motives and the motifs of his works, and appreciate them too. We should help organize his thoughts and put order in his “madness”. Do not discard or destroy his unfinished work and never be careless with his tools, but treasure them. Know his silent moments and give him rest of and assurance of his mastery even if others find no meaning in his work. Manage his finances well, because most are frivolous in spending; finance or sacrifice for him, because it usually takes long for the true artist to get a breakthrough; Build his faith and confidence in his ability, and market or make his work known. Be his therapist and comforter, and if you can, get him close to his mentors and . Pray with him and for him, but never imagine you will be the one to change his eccentricities. Only God can. Be patient and open with him in communication. And his soul mate you’ll become, sharing in his joy and grief; loving and trusting him. In return, he will practically turn himself to your baby, always waiting for your validation of his work. And he will always find in you the energy to unleash or the fertilizer to .


Abdulwarees Solanke

Assistant Director, Strategic Planning & Corporate Development

Voice of Nigeria, Ikoyi Lagos



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