The archetypal artist is often a completely complex personality, usually misunderstood, an unpredictable character given to impatience, mood swings and brain waves. Yet, he has an unusual inner beauty and absorptive capacity of all experiences. He appreciates the beauty of nature to fertilize his vivid imaginations; he has utopian dreams and aspirations that confound the average man. You may find him totally a recluse or an unapologetic introvert. He could be weird, and sometimes be called mad or unreasonable. He could be boring, colorless, or unattractive. He or she could look a small rat you will consider him inconsequential; you may see him a “stingo”, thin as broomstick or anopheles. He could be physically challenged: blind, lame, deaf or dumb. Because we often cannot gauge his strength, values and virtues, we are likely to underrate him. Because he is sometimes short of words, we cannot find happiness in his company.

But the quintessential artist, if we know him well is an extremely pleasant and understanding personality, with free mind that entertains no bitterness. He is very flexible if you can operate on the same wavelength with him; he is not a fanatic or stubborn personality. He is always experimenting and adapting. The complex artist has no limit in his readiness for new knowledge, always willing to learn. But this seemingly colorless artist often dies before his time, or he dies unfulfilled. Yet his works endure as evergreen or masterpieces. The complex artist is always a futuristic person. His works make him a living soul even after his death.

Who are the artists? The artists are all persons involved in the creative enterprise or industry whether as painters, sculptors, musicians, writers, scientific inventors, dramatists and playmakers, film producers, broadcasters, actors and presenters; the real owners of intellectual properties. The true artists are original: not plagiaristic, not monotonous, not the one album musician; he is not given to repetitive themes, neither is he a copycat, zombie, or follow-follow. All true artists are vigorously creative and talented: Geniuses they are. Unfortunately most artists are controversial.. They may not have settled homes, stable friends or companies, neither happy marital mates nor fulfilling matrimony. They may die depressed, lonely, unaccomplished and ignoble. But despite their frailties and failures, you cannot deny their place in our lives or history.

Usually, artists are prodigies from childhood; they tend to be deviant, rebellious or anti-order. They are mostly self-opinionated and independent, always wanting to do things their own way at their own times. So they could suffer from what psychologists have identified as attention deficit disorder (ADD), and because they are also often very restless, this disorder assumes a hyperactive dimension, so it is termed attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Many artists also exhibit split personality syndrome. They can put up different faces at different times. Their minds may also work at a thousand things at the same time, so your find them taking on multiple projects at the same time, but not able complete all, because the load of ideas in their minds pushes them to jump from one project to another.

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