His home was a sort of transit and refuge for many he knew not from Adam but who today grew to be his children who value him more than they would value their own direct, immediate family.  His home was a solace. An itinerant stuck in journey, an orphan without hope, a family without shelter, a woman whose husband has pushed out, a child whose parents abandoned or sent packing, a scholar returning from foreign study or a pilgrim in transit always found in his expansive compound a refuge or a fresh start. Only those cherish him who knew how saints and philosophers of old lived. Private, silent, uncomplaining, contemplating in philosophical quietude.

He was a perfect example of one who started life as a starter and attained the height of education with impressive grade from the of Jos and eminence in career as a broadcaster of note from the Broadcasting Service of Oyo State as director of personnel service having gone through the mill in the Corporation’s Directorate.  He started broadcasting in the late Bola Ige-established Television Service of Oyo State, TSOS in the in 1982 as a pioneer staff in its programme directorate as Producer II and retired as a director of Personnel Service of the Corporation on attainment of the mandatory retirement age over a decade ago.

Since his early days at TSOS before its merger with the Radio Service, Imam Abdulazeez was one of the voices of at Ile Akede where he inspired the rise of a vibrant muslim . He was also one of the pioneers of the Muslim Media Practitioners of Nigeria in as one of the fruits of his Islamic activism is the construction of a major landmark  of a beautiful masjid within a space considered far-flung from operational activities of broadcasting at Ile Akede before  but has now become the centre of attraction in the Corporation. He was turbaned the pioneer Imam of Masallacin Ile-Akede, leading prayers and coordinating the affairs of muslims in the station. In retirement since 2007, he retained the imamship of BCOS Muslim Community leading the weekly Jumaat Service and Tarawih prayers in Ramadan. His sermons were relevant and deep. He also led daily prayers in the Sheriff Ariyo Memorial Masjid as well as being very active in most activities of Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs, the League of Imams and Alfas, the Oyo State Muslim Community, the Muslim Media Practitioners of Nigeria and the Muslims of South Western Nigeria (MUSWEN) Forum. So His last years were spent indeed in the service of Islam and helping humanity.

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