The jinx has been broken and the effects will follow. There are many female law who are already warming up to follow Firdaos’ example and face the consequences. The interesting thing is that there is no oppression that lasts forever. Apartheid did not last forever in South Africa; colonialism too ended in Africa.

Whether we like it or not, there are strong indications that like the American Rosa Parks, Abdulsalam Firdaos has liberated female law from the unconstitutional and unjust insistence on asking them to remove their hijabs during the to bar ceremony. It is just a matter of time for justice and constitutionality to be entrenched in our education system.  Surely, time will tell.

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  1. Lawal Suliat

    I really appreciate her for her action. Have always promise my self that,I will always be there for Islam…Sis Fridaos strengthen my determination..

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  2. Precious Oluwatobi Emmanuel

    While commendable, I think the way she went about it was all wrong. Nevertheless, it is not my position to say what she should have done. It was a courageous act, but the question I asked myself sometimes is, was it really necessary?

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