Kreuzberger Kinderstiftung Scholarship for ECCHR’s Legal Training Program

How to apply? 

The scholarship application should be submitted along with the application for participation in the Legal Training Program

To apply please e-mail the following documents as PDFs:

  1. ECCHR application form including letter of motivation, case analysis and scholarship application (download from our website) with the file name LastName_application
  2. CV with the file name LastName_CV

Applications should include only these required documents and no further transcripts, references or work samples.

Applications can be submitted in German or English; no advantage or disadvantage arises from the choice of language. Applications in other languages cannot be processed.

Please send completed applications to:

What are the application deadlines? 

The next deadline for applications is 28 January 2018. You can expect a response within six weeks. Interviews will likely be held by telephone/skype towards the end of February. Future calls for applications will be announced on our website and in our newsletter.

Please note that for applicants from outside the EU we require a period of at least 10 weeks between acceptance into the program and the start of the internship to make the necessary formal arrangements. 

Contact: Marie Badarne, Coordinator, Education Program E-Mail: Phone: +49 (0)30 40607157