(Fully Funded) Herbert Scoville Jr. Peace Fellowship

Submitting Applications

Please read the following instructions for submitting applications. Failure to comply with this request may delay the processing of your application and hinder your chances of being selected for an interview.

● All application materials must be emailed to apply@scoville.org. In the subject line write Scoville Application–Last name of applicant. Do not submit more than one copy of your application.

● Items 1-4 must be emailed as a single PDF or Word document and must not exceed 10 pages. We will not accept any of these documents in paper form.

● Applicants are strongly encouraged to submit all application items as one compiled Adobe PDF file or Microsoft Word document in the order listed above. If you are unsure of how to merge documents into a single file, click here for instructions. Transcripts should be listed in chronological order beginning with freshman year courses and grades. We understand that some reference writers and universities prefer to send letters and transcripts directly to a potential employer. In that case these items should be emailed to apply@scoville.org. We will reluctantly accept reference letters and transcripts in paper copies if they are not available as emails.

● Applicants should submit all items in a single email, even if that email contains multiple attachments, rather than sending materials in two or more emails.

● Applicants are responsible for ensuring that all materials, including reference letters and transcripts, arrive on time. Owing to the time it takes to process applications the program will not be able to confirm the arrival of items for several weeks after the deadline. Therefore applicants should confirm with their reference writers and universities that items have been submitted. Failure to send all items on time may adversely impact a candidate’s application.

● We request that complete applications not exceed 2 MB. Applicants may need to condense items in PDF and/or scan transcripts in black and white rather than color to minimize the file size. Scanned items should not exceed 150 dpi. We only accept materials submitted in PDF or Word formats.

● Official academic transcripts should be scanned and emailed rather than sent in the mail. Applicants should scan and email multi-page transcripts as a single attachment rather than send a separate attachment for each page of the transcript. Transcripts from undergraduate, graduate, and foreign study should be submitted in chronological order in a single attachment. Do not send email copies of transcripts that need to be downloaded or that require a password to open; these transcripts are only available to be downloaded for a limited time and are difficult to merge into a PDF document. Instead print, scan, and email the transcript as an attachment. Applicants may need to rotate their transcripts 90 degrees so they can be read on the computer. Applicants are asked not to submit copies of certificates or diplomas.