The editorial process will be as follows:

  1. Editors-in-Chief (EIC) are the gatekeepers for submissions. They will decide if submissions are worth review through our online submission system, Scholastica. EIC will send approved articles, which meet standards for cohesive relevance, to two Peer Reviewers to begin the editorial process.
  2. Peer Reviewers(PR) will add notes and thoughts about each submission, correct significant grammatical errors, summarize thematic relevance to the ’s mission statement, and will then send each manuscript to assigned Manuscript Editors.
  3. Manuscript Editors (ME) will review the submissions, including the comments made by the Peer Reviewers. They will add their own comments and document corrections and then either send the manuscript back to the to revise and resubmit, or send the submission forward to the Senior Editorswith preliminary recommendationsto either publish or reject.
  4. Senior Editors (SE) will review manuscripts along with all notes and commentary to date. Senior Editors will finalize drafts, noting any grammatical and thematic corrections necessary for publication, and will then send to the EIC with final recommendations.
  5. Editors-in-Chief and Senior Editors will collaborate to make final decisions about submissions to finalize manuscripts for publication.

Throughout the process, if a PR, ME, or SE feel a submission should be rejected, the EIC will be contacted and will make the final decision to revise or reject. 


Submissions should be sent to our Scholastica Online Submission site by January 31st for our first Spring Issue. Questions should be directed to our Editor-in-Chief at

More information can be found at 

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