The ICRForum 2018 will offer a platform for presenting and exchanging ideas on how corruption works in practice and how the mechanisms of corruption, e.g. norms, vary across regions and cultures. These discussions will combine theoretical and empirical efforts to identify contextspecific patterns of corruption and respective anti-corruption policies. Understanding the mechanisms of corruption boils down to answering questions such as: “Why do citizens support and actively participate in corruption?”, “What incentives do politicians and bureaucrats have to engage in or to fight corruption?”, or “How do anti-corruption movements develop?”

We warmly invite researchers from all disciplines (including, but not limited to, psychology, economics, , sociology, law, anthropology, ) to apply by February 15, 2018 on the following link. In your application please indicate whether you would like to present your research results, work in progress or explore new ideas. The ICRForum is especially aimed at junior researchers (PhD, Post-Docs), but qualified Master can also apply. Notification of acceptances will be sent out on the 10th of March, 2018.

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