The Lead Researcher will have overall responsibility for the methodology, process and findings. Specifically, s/he will:

  • Develop a detailed research plan.
  • Lead a 4-day to prepare the in-country research with one local researcher from each country.
  • Undertake a desk review of relevant literature.
  • Oversee in-country data collection by a team of two local researchers from each country. The local researchers are expected to conduct focus group discussions with involved in peacebuilding activities as well as key informant interviews with other stakeholders.
  • Lead a 4-day data analysis workshop with one local researcher from each country.
  • Write a report based on the findings of the research.

The Lead Researcher will work closely with a Project Manager, based at the Secretariat of UNOY Peacebuilders.

Profile of Lead Researcher

  • Excellent (qualitative) research, analytic and writing skills
  • Understanding, and preferably experience, of participation in peacebuilding
  • Good knowledge of current academic research in the fields of peace and and civic participation
  • Experience of developing and delivering workshops based on the methodology of non-formal learning, preferably focusing on youth-led research and data analysis
  • Excellent written and spoken , preferably also proficiency Spanish and

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