Deadline:  15 December 2017
Open to:  students and early career researchers (within 4 years of obtaining their doctorate)
Venue:  25-27 June 2018 at  of Edinburgh


In June 2018 the of Edinburgh is hosting an interdisciplinary School entitled “Navigating the Grey Zone: Complicity, Resistance and Solidarity.” This event targets students and early career researchers (within 4 years of obtaining their doctorate). We will explore the complexities of complicity in and resistance to systemic rights violations. Moreover, we will consider the ethical and political value of art for shedding light on the ambiguous reality of political responsibility and fostering relations of political solidarity. The Summer School is part of the interdisciplinary ERC research Project GREYZONE, and we aim to bring together perspectives from political theory, political science, law, history, sociology, cultural studies, aesthetics and art. The main goal is to give participants the opportunity to interact across disciplinary boundaries with several experts and to receive critical feedback on their own projects. The School will involve extended scholarly discussions as well as social activities, allowing the participants to exchange ideas and initiate collaborations in a friendly environment. Participants will include a diverse mix of senior and junior scholars, students and artists, who will work together on problematising the many faces of complicity, resistance and solidarity.

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