AYFN is an independent that has efforts to accommodate youth in Southeast Asia region to build friendship network. The Asean Youth Friendship Network is a platform for promoting , solidary, cooperation and development in order to build friendship network. Our mission is to inspire young adults to follow their dreams, to love and knowledge, to involve in community and bring about positive change in the world.

AYFN’s goals
  • Connect young people across the globe to know each other.
  • Provide an opportunity for young people to experience different cultures and whilst making a difference.
  • Make safe, quality international cultural and knowledge travel genuinely in order to promote cultural understanding.
  • Provide authentic international travel experiences, achieved by living and working with local people, communities, organizations and families.
  • for both local people and participants (through their travel experience and interaction with local people).
  • Assistance to local communities and organizations through providing short international travel and volunteers.

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