We invite researchers interested in working on critical assessment of dominant quantitative modelling manifolds (the justifying narratives) that inform strategies of knowledge creation and sustainability transition, when placed in post-growth and degrowth contexts. Recognising that metrics are still one of the most powerful and most widely understood ways of managing systemic changes, researchers on our team collect, analyse and re-present the indicators of material and social reproduction of societies operating in a globalised world, but in different local histories and geographies, to propose a fresh paradigmatic understanding of sustainability issues within a context.

Researchers would join our interdisciplinary and team and help with sourcing, selecting and presenting indicators of socio-metabolic transformation in a clear, widely communicable and internationally comparable way, all within the paradigm of and culturally integrated degrowth. They will also participate in networking, dissemination and educational programmes integral to IPE’s operations in 2018. An inclusive and historical understanding of the narrative construction within which sustainability, conviviality and are framed is expected, but a basic command of databases and IPE’s databases is necessary as well. An ability to frame these in the specific fields of materialist, commons-based and/or worldecology approaches within political ecology will be considered a benefit.

If you wish to tell a of sustainability, in a way that is both emancipatory for ‘living well with less’ and informative for the North and South, using words and graphics, put together a persuasive one page narrative and join our number-bending team.

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