How to get to Narva

  • The nearest airports to Narva are Tallinn airport in and St. Petersburg Pulkovo airport in
  • For bus connections from Tallinn, see Tpilet
  • For bus connections (e.g. from Riga, St. Petersburg, etc.), see Lux Express
  • For train connections from Tallinn to Narva, see Elron. For train connections from St. Petersburg, see GORail.
  • If you are coming from Finland, an alternative to flying is coming to Tallinn by ferry. See different options from Tallink, Viking Line, and Eckerö Line.

Getting around Narva

  • Narva Bus Station (Bussijaam in Estonian) is approximately a 20-minute walk from the hotel and a 25-minute walk from Narva college. If you prefer taking a taxi, we recommend calling Ida Takso,+372 50 44444. Any taxi ride inside Narva costs 2 euros, do not agree to pay more!
  • The address of Narva College of the of Tartu is Raekoja plats 2.
  • Hotel Inger, where all the participants are accommodated, is a 5-minute walk from the college. The address of Hotel Inger is Aleksander Puškini 28.

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