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We invite bachelor’s and master’s students interested in presenting their work in progress to submit an abstract of their to the student conference «Neglecting the borders: 6Dimesnions of EU-RUS relations». There are six thematic sections at the conference and students are invited to submit their work to one of the sections. The sections reflect the programmes taught at Narva College and Johan Skytte Institute of Political Studies of the University of Tartu, whose students are the main organisers of the conference.
There are no additional thematic restrictions for the abstracts. Nevertheless, we would like to provide some suggestions and guidelines for each thematic section as follows:

  • Education : Research in modern methodological approaches to teaching, tradition and innovation in education, education in multicultural and multilingual societies, methodological problems in language acquisition, developing axiological competencies, etc. Research that focuses on educational cooperation and/or comparative analysis of approaches in education between Russia and the EU has a priority.
  • Linguistics and Research in various aspects of linguistics, issues of and folklore studies, language and cross-cultural communication, children’s literature, etc. Research on intercultural communication between Russia and EU societies are given preference.
  • Russian Language and Culture (in Russian): Research in Russian in the context of intercultural communication, studies of children’s speech and writing, Russian children’s literature, challenges of teaching Russian as a mother tongue, contemporary approaches to teaching Russian as a foreign language and the role of Russian language and culture in dialogue between Russia and Europe now and in the past.
  • Youth Work: Research in various aspects of youth work and youth sociology, such as youth cooperation, mobile youth work, inclusive youth work, smart youth work, digital youth, and international youth cooperation between the EU and Russia.
  • Trans-boundary entrepreneurship: Research in trans-boundary innovations, startups, digital economy and e-governance, social responsibilities of entrepreneurship, etc. Research that focuses on challenges to trans-boundary entrepreneurship in the current context of sanctions policies.
  • Russian and Studies: Multi-disciplinary research on internal and external political dynamics in the Russian Federation and former Soviet space; historical, socio-cultural, and political dimensions of Russia’s external projection in a changing geo-political regional context and role in the system; focus on the bi-lateral and multi-lateral characterization of the international system.

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