Call for Abstracts: “Globalization vs Nationalism” 2018 GLOBAL AFFAIRS CONFERENCE




 The nexus between globalization and nationalism has been subject to debate within the global affairs discipline within the last century; both concepts hold an essential position in our contemporary world. Their importance lies in the establishment of modern societies and nation-states, and their role in a world in which interdependence has expanded.

As the world becomes interdependent, the fate of one state is linked and attached to the fate of another. Globalization is often associated with neoliberalism, international trade, free flows of services and workers, and has resulted in tremendous changes at the political and the cultural levels. However, many consider globalization as a threat and criticize it for benefiting only certain elites and undermining the lives of many others. Nationalism, has had a great deal of difficulty surviving in this world, and some would argue that it has become less important. However, others argue that nationalism is benefiting from globalization and is becoming more important than ever.

With its annual conference, the Student Association of Global Affairs at Rutgers University seeks to broaden this conversation and provide a space for students to deconstruct traditional narratives within international relations and global affairs by exploring the interaction between globalism and nationalism and how they can inform theory, analysis, practice, and methodology: Why do we need to take this discussion into account? How can it shape our thinking both at domestic and global levels?

We invite abstracts for papers on the following and related topics in all aspects of global affairs:

  • Open Borders/Closed Borders
  • Individual Rights/Human Rights
  • Cultural Relativism/Universalism
  • Pluralism/Populism
  • Racial and Ethnic Identities
  • Expats, refugees, economic migrants
  • Free Trade
  • Nationalism and Cosmopolitanism
  • Neo-Nationalism

This conference seeks to create an interdisciplinary conversation on these topics, and we welcome participants (graduate students and early career scholars) from multiple disciplines, including, but not limited to: Political Science and International Relations, Law, Sociology, Anthropology, Geography, Critical Ethnic Studies, Regional Studies (American, European, African, and Asian), African American Studies, History, and the Humanities.

The submission deadline for abstracts is January 31, 2018. Please submit an anonymous abstract of up to 400 words (in PDF or Word document form) Please include your name and contact details in the email body and “Paper Submission DGA Conference” in the subject line.

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