International Scholar

This year, we are introducing the International Scholar Award that will be offered to two students studying at universities outside of the . These awards will provide up to $500 per student, distributed in the form of reimbursements following the conference, to be used on travel to the US and lodging while in Blacksburg. Award recipients will also be provided with three meals during their time at the conference. Interested applicants should send in all other required materials, as well as a two-page essay addressing the following questions:

Where does your particular project fit within the larger context of historical research? What do you believe is the significance of your project? Why do you believe your project qualifies as an “innovative perspective in history”?

All applications should be sent to Ellen Boggs at by January 10, 2018 along with presentation abstracts. Applicants will be informed of our decision by February 1, 2018.

Conference Speakers

W. White, historian of the American Civil War with a focus on Abraham Lincoln, U.S. constitutional history, and the history of treason, will present our keynote address on Friday titled “Civil War Monuments.” Dr. White is a professor of American Studies at Christopher Newport University and a senior fellow with the Center for American Studies. He received his BA in History at Pennsylvania State University and his MA and PhD degrees from the University of Maryland at College Park. Dr. White has published numerous articles in a range of magazines, journals, and periodicals, including Civil War History, the Journal of the Civil War Era, the Journal of Supreme Court History, Military Images, Perspectives on History, the  York Times “Disunion” blog, the American Scholar, and Time. His most recent book, “Our Little Monitor:” The Greatest Invention of the Civil War, which he co-authored with Anna Gibson Holloway, came out October 15, .

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