The meat of the Retreat also included the “Documentary on the State of Education in Nigeria – A Panorama” by Prof. Peter and “The Critical Challenges Facing Education in Nigeria” by Prof. Omolewa. The two presentations analysed the trajectory of education in Nigeria  with facts and figures as a prelude to charting a sure way forward as evident in the communiqué.

The gratifying aspect is that in spite of the pessimism that undergirds the mental attitude of many Nigerians, when the change begins to manifest as it will, the better by University will be among the few universities whose resources had contributed to it.

A happy heart, a terrific tenure

It was humbling to receive kind and congratulatory messages at the end of my tenure as Director of the Centre for and Strategic Studies. If any star gazer had told me at the beginning of the journey in late 2013 that I would serve till this month, I would most certainly dismiss the person as saying the impossible! It was a terrific tenure; Alhamdu liLlahi.

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