Applications for Model European Union Vienna are open!

The MEUs, despite being focused heavily on the law-making process, are not aimed only for people having a legal background or studies. Our educational program would like to be useful for any kind of people who is genuinely interested on how the decisions that affect us everyday are made. Being part of this decisions and facing the difficulties is one of the most extraordinary ways to „getting out of yourself“ and open your mind for new insights or ideas that could be useful in the future. The enrichment of participating in one of this simulations is unique, not only because of the content itself but also because of the many people from all over the world that one has the to meet. It’s no coincidence that all the Organizing Team are former participants. It’s very easy to get bitten by the MEU bug.

Model European Union Vienna will be held from 22th till 25th of February 2018.​


Everybody between the age of 18-30 at the time of the conference can attend.

You don’t have to be from within the EU, you don’t have to be a student.

You can participate whether you are new to MEU simulations or already have participated in one or more.