2018 International Conference on Ethnic and Religious Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding

Theme: The Traditional Systems Of Conflict Resolution

The mainstream research and studies on conflict resolution have until now relied in large measure on theories, principles, models, methods, processes, cases, practices and body of literature developed in Western cultures and institutions. However, little or no attention has been given to the systems and processes of conflict resolution that were historically utilized in ancient societies or are currently being used by traditional rulers – kings, queens, chiefs, village heads – and indigenous leaders at the grassroots level and in different parts of the world to mediate and resolve disputes, restore justice and harmony, and foster peaceful coexistence in their various constituencies, communities, regions and countries. Also, a thorough investigation of the syllabi and portfolios of the courses in the field of conflict analysis and resolution, peace and conflict studies, alternative dispute resolution, conflict management studies, and related fields of study confirms the wide spread, but false, assumption that conflict resolution is a Western creation. Although traditional systems of conflict resolution predate the modern theories and practices of conflict resolution, they are almost, if not completely, unavailable in our conflict resolution text books, course syllabi, and public policy discourse.